This year is our 31st year anniversary!!

We have been around for a long time and have built trusting relationships with many satisfied clients.

By accepting our quote the client agrees to the following Terms and Conditions.


Regular Clients

EFT Payments for the current month must be made no later than before or on the seventh day of the following month/monthly in advance.Cash Payments are to be placed in a sealed envelope with your surname written on it.

Ad-Hoc clients

Payments are to be made within 48 hours of completion of the cleaning. (EFT/ Cash in a sealed envelope with your surname on it.)

Damage & Breakage

Our carefully-selected workers are well trained to use the utmost care whilst handling your property, and for that reason accidents and breakages are rare. Whilst BROOMSTIX will continue to make every possible effort to maintain this state of affairs, we regret that claims for accidental damage or breakage cannot be entertained.
Kindly point out any special or unusual features in your house during our first visit so that there can be no disputes when an item has been broken or damaged. Please inform us if furniture may or may not be moved and which taps or switches must be left alone.
Broomstix does not accept responsibility for breakages of electrical appliances (irons, vacuum cleaners, etc.) or any damage to household items, ornaments or articles of clothing unless gross negligence on our side was evident. We also don’t take responsibility for any damage caused by the accidental spill of any cleaning aids such as Jik, Domestos, Home Guard or other liquids containing chlorine or harmful substances. Our staff must also not be requested or allowed to use Brasso or Silvo in any carpeted areas because we shall be unable to replace damaged carpets. For recommended cleaning aids, refer to the information that we send out with the quote.


Access to your property must be available to our vehicles and staff members on the days of service. In the event of our not being able to provide a service as result of dogs, safety chains, latches, alarm systems, remote controlled gates, etc. the service is forfeited and you will be held responsible for payment in full. For the cleaning of vacated homes the client is responsible to ensure that there is sufficient electricity and hot water available for us. (Geyser on)

Staff Related

A potentially crippling practice that we’ve had to deal with in the recent past is clients who are so impressed with our well-trained staff that they use us as very cheap and reliable employment agencies by enticing our workers away from us. In such a case a placement fee, equal to one month’s salary for the worker involved, will be charged.


Whilst we do everything possible to prevent theft, we do not accept responsibility for the disappearance of valuables unless they were locked away in a safe. All valuables such as laptops, tablets, cell phones, jewellery, cash or coins and cameras should be locked away prior to our visit. By doing so we ensure to minimize the risk of temptation- rather safe than sorry.


Broomstix supplies an uninterrupted service with permanent staff for 49 weeks of the year. Three weeks leave is, however, taken in December/January, and no service will be available during this period. No service is available on public holidays.


Regular Clients

Broomstix takes trouble to ensure that clients get the same team of workers every time. Our task is considerably complicated, however, when clients go away for a week or two during the course of the year and cancel our services at short notice. We are prepared to look for other work for your team for 3 visits per year, but if you are going to be away more often than that, you are going to be responsible for the full tariff for the service if you want to be sure of the same time slot and team of workers upon your return. If a service is cancelled at short notice and without prior arrangement, you will be held liable for the full cost of the cancelled service. Any cancellations or changes to our schedule must be done either in writing or per email (no phone calls please), 72 hours prior to our scheduled appointment.

Ad Hoc cleaning

48 Hours written notice should be given if you wish to cancel a booking made for an Ad Hoc cleaning. If a service is cancelled at short notice and without prior arrangement, you will be held liable for the full cost of the cancelled service.

Termination of the service (Regular clients)

In order to terminate the service we require one month’s written notice of termination of service.

Inspections & Feedback

Complaints about unsatisfactory services provided by us must be made on the same day that the service was provided in order for us to react to the complaint.

With Ad-Hoc cleaning it is the client’s responsibility to be available for inspection upon completion of the cleaning. Alternatively inspection done by us will be regarded as final.